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Board meetings 2012

July 26th, 2012: Medical Education Centre, Watford General Hospital, 13.00


Minutes from Previous Meetings

5. Matters Arising

7. Board Assurance Framework

8. Reshaping Strategy - Developing Our Clinical Vision

9. Finalisation of the Capital Programme

10. Vascular Services: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening Business Case

11. The Academic Health Science Network

13. Integrated Performance Report

14.1. Forecast Financial Out turn

14.2. Finance Report Month 3

17. Serious Incident (SI) Summary Report

18. LD Autism Update report and action plan - July 2012

19.  West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust Supervisors of Midwives annual report 2011-12

20. Safeguarding Children - Annual Report

21. Junior Doctors' Deanery Update

22. Integrated Risk and Governance Committee - Chair's Report

23. Finance Committee - Chair's Report

25. Remuneration Committee - Chair's Report