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Your visit to our hospital sites

Information for patients and visitors

If you are preparing to attend any of our three hospital sites as a patient or as a visitor, please browse the information contained in these pages.

You will find information about the latest visiting guidance, how to get to our hospitals, our parking facilities, what to expect during your stay, what to bring and what not to bring, the shops and facilities available on each hospital site and much more.

You will also find information about the interpreting help that is available to you if English is not your first language, and about the counselling and support services we can provide.

Please note that all our hospitals sites are smoke free.

What type of patient am I?

Depending on your circumstances, you could be admitted as:


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If you are attending any of our hospitals as an outpatient, please read the Outpatient Guide for detailed information about the services and facilities available to you on each hospital site.

Attending as an outpatient


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If you are coming into hospital, please read the Inpatient Guide for detailed information on the procedures to follow when you come into hospital, and what you need to bring with you.

Attending as an inpatient

Visiting a relative or friend

We welcome visitors to our hospitals, but to protect our most vulnerable patients it’s important all friends and family follow these visiting guidelines:

Do not visit if you have:

You need to wait 48 hours after your symptoms clear before visiting.

If you are coming to visit:

Read our full visiting guidance.

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