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Annual General Meeting 2021/22

The trust's annual general meeting for 2021/22 was held on Thursday 1 September 2022 via Zoom. You can watch the recordings of the presentations and view the slides using the links below:

Introduction and welcome - Phil Townsend, Chairman

Highlights of 2021/22 - Matthew Coats, Chief Executive Officer

Engagement with our community and learning - Tracey Carter, Chief Nurse (Presentation slides)

Financial performance - Don Richards, Chief Financial Officer (Presentation slides)

Planned care, emergency care and recovery - Sally Tucker, Chief Operating Officer (Presentation slides)

Looking after our staff - Andrew McMenemy, Chief People Officer (Presentation slides)

Innovation and future services - Mike van der Watt, Chief Medical Officer (Presentation slides)

Digital development update - Paul Bannister, Chief Information Officer (Presentation slides)

Strategy and redevelopment update - Clare Parker, Acting Chief Strategy Officer (Presentation slides)

AGM 2022 final presentation in full

Questions and answers

Previous AGMs

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