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Annual General Meeting for 2022-2023

The Trust’s AGM was held on 9 November 2023 from 4.15pm-5pm in the Executive Meeting Room, Watford General Hospital.

Before the AGM, we held a showcase drop-in event with the chance to see the latest images of our new hospital design, including a 3D model and virtual reality goggles allowing you to step inside the designs. Read about it in our press release headlined Team West Herts celebrates.

AGM agenda

  1. Opening and welcome - Phil Townsend, Chairman
  2. Summary of 2022/2023 - Matthew Coats, Chief Executive
  3. Financial overview - Rodney Pindai, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  4. Clinical review - Kelly McGovern, Chief Nurse and Dr Mike van der Watt, Chief Medical Officer
  5. Treating our patients - Mary Bhatti, Acting Chief Operating Officer
  6. Questions and answers - Phil Townsend, Chairman

Previous AGMs

Information about our previous AGMs

If you have questions or would like to receive a printed copy of the trust’s annual report or annual review, please e-mail