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Video consultations

We are now offering video consultations to some of our patients. This forms part of our response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The decision to offer this type of appointment will be made by a medical professional depending on your individual care needs. test

Attend Anywhere is a secure web-based system only for patients with pre-arranged video consultation appointments.

Information for outpatients

NO VISITORS ARE ALLOWED ON ANY OF OUR HOSPITAL SITES - for more information click here

Please attend A&E or any appointments alone unless absolutely necessary.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to make many changes to our usual services to protect our patients and staff. Please take the time to read the latest information as some of our other pages in this section regarding visiting our hospitals as an inpatient, outpatient or visitor may contain out of date information.

To ensure you are seeing the most up to date information, please see the links below:

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Patient advice and liaison service (PALS)

Spiritual and pastoral care

Patient affairs and bereavement

 West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust offers Outpatient appointments at three hospital sites. The information below applies to all of the sites, but you may wish to look at more site specific information, eg directions and journey planning, so please click on the appropriate site below.

(Your appointment letter or card will notify you where your appointment is to be held.)

NHS number

Please ensure you bring your NHS Number with you to all attendances at the hospital. You will find your NHS Number on your appointment letter.
Find out more about the importance of your NHS Number »

What you should bring

Your appointment letter, your current personal contact details (address / phone number / GP name) and change for the car park. Please ensure you bring with you any medication you are taking.


On arrival at the Hospital please report to the reception desk indicated in your appointment letter. Show your notification of an appointment and/or your appointment card to the receptionist who will ask to check your personal details and direct you to the appropriate waiting area.

Please bring your appointment card on every occasion that you attend Hospital. If you have any disability that may affect you during your visit (for example hard of hearing), please notify the reception staff.

After reporting to the reception desk, you will be given a 'booking-in slip' and told to go to a waiting area that is specific to your clinic. The booking-in slip acts as the notification to nursing staff that you have arrived in the clinic and you are asked to place it in a marked tray within the specific waiting area.

New patients

On your first visit to a clinic, it may be necessary to undergo certain tests and x-rays before and after seeing the doctor, so please allow time for this.

Waiting times

We are aiming to see everyone within 30 minutes of their appointment time; however, from time to time there may be unforeseen delays, for example: medical emergencies. We will endeavour to minimise the waiting times and will also keep you informed of any delays.

Medical staff

The medical staff work in teams, each under the direction of a Consultant. You will not necessarily see the same doctor each time, but the one you see will always be familiar with the details of previous visits.

Nursing staff

Each clinic has a member of nursing staff available if you have any worries or concerns.

Medical students

There may be medical students present during your consultation as part of their ongoing training. Please let us know if you would rather see the doctor alone.


Please inform the Hospital if you are currently taking any tablets, medicines or eyedrops. These should be brought with you when you attend clinic. If you are prescribed any medication by the Hospital the doctor will give you a prescription. Unless you are exempt from paying prescription charges you will be required to pay in the usual way.

Eye clinics

If you are attending the eye clinic and you wear glasses for reading or for distance vision please bring your glasses with you.

Hospital transport

Hospital Transport is not generally available unless your medical condition warrants it and you have no other way of getting to the Hospital. If transport has been booked but you no longer require assistance please contact the Patient Transport Liaison Office.

Travelling expenses

If you are on any DSS Allowances, or qualify as 'low income' and require help with travelling expenses, leaflet HC11 can be obtained from the DSS or from the Patient Affairs Office. These give advice on how to reclaim any expenses incurred.


On completion of your consultation, please ensure that you make your next appointment with the receptionist (if necessary). If you would like any further information or advice, please ask your nurse.


Watford: The Spice of Life Restaurant is located in a building almost opposite the main building (Main Block). W.H. Smith is located in the Main Block entrance hall. In addition there are League of Friends Service shops next to the main outpatient reception and near the main entrance in the building opposite the Women's services building.

Hemel Hempstead: The Delimarché Coffee Bar is located as you walk through to the Outpatient reception desk, level 2, Verulam Wing. There is also a Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) tea bar and shop, in the same location.

St Albans: A tea bar is located in the main entrance before entering the Outpatient reception area.

Appointment cancellations

If you are unable to keep your appointment please tell us. If at all possible please give us at least 48 hours' notice of your cancellation.

Watford: 01923 217012
Hemel Hempstead: 01442 287021
St Albans: 01727 897196

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted inside any of the Trust’s premises or anywhere in the grounds. Patients, members of the public and staff are not allowed to smoke on Trust sites. View the trust's smokefree policy

The result of your operation and treatment will be greatly improved if you stop smoking. It is best to stop at least 8 weeks before your operation. There is free local help available, run by experts. For support to quit smoking, please contact Hertfordshire Health Improvement Service on 0800 389 3998, text SMOKEFREE to 80818 or email

Translating and Interpreting

The Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) can book a professional interpreter in advance for our patients.

Please ask a family member or friend who speaks English to contact the ward or department staff to arrange this service. The ward/department must book interpreting or translation through PALS on 01923 217198. This service is free to our patients.

Please ask if you require this service prior to your appointment.

Please note that all our hospital sites, including car parks are SMOKEFREE

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