More about the Breastcare unit

West Herts Breast Care Unit


About our logo: The purple pasque flower, county flower of Hertfordshire, backed by the yellow evening primrose and the violet periwinkle (Vinca), representing treatment of breast disease, from simple breast pain (evening primrose oil) to advanced metastatic disease (vinca alkaloids)

The unit is based in a new, purpose-built clinic area at St Albans City Hospital which is specially designed such that the clinics, X-ray department, breast care nurses, secretaries and receptionist are located adjacent to each other. This arrangement ensures a seamless process when patients undergo clinic visit, radiology investigations and arranging clinic appointments.

Some 90% of breast operations can be done at St Albans City Hospital, which is an elective admission site and so has protection of beds from emergencies, and enjoys a calmer atmosphere than the acute hospitals.

The unit is headed by three consultant surgeons, two consultant oncologists and three consultant radiologists, all with a major interest in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

Our medical staff also includes three specialist doctors, two specialist nurse practitioner specializing in breast disease. We have four Macmillan breast care nurses who are further supported in breast care by the specialist practitioner, an oncology research nurse and the clinic sister.

The team has weekly multidisciplinary meetings to discuss the investigations and management of patients on an individual basis at various points during their treatment.