More about the Breastcare unit

West Herts Breast Care Unit


Rapid Diagnostic/One-Stop Clinic

All new patients with breast symptoms are referred by their GPs are seen at these clinics. During these clinics, clinical assessment, radiology investigations such as mammogram and breast ultrasound and biopsies are performed at the same session. This allows us to provide immediate diagnosis for a majority of new patients and avoids the need for follow-up visits. However, patients who undergo biopsies may require follow-up appointments as it takes several days for biopsy results to come back.

Family history, Breast pain

These clinics provide annual review and mammogram for patients with family history of breast cancer. Our policies are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Results clinic

Whereas the results of imaging done in rapid diagnostic clinics are available the same day, needle biopsies take a few days to process and these results are given in a dedicated clinic, usually within a week of the biopsy.

Clinic Title Clinic Times
Rapid Diagnostic/One-stop Monday (3 clinics), Tuesday (2 clinic), Thursday (2 clinics) and Friday (2 clinics)
Family History/Breast Pain:  Thursday morning
Oncology Clinics Tuesday and Wednesday (all day) Dr Miles, Dr Thanvi (Wednesday only)
Oncoplastic Clinic Thursday once a month (Mr Mosahebi and Mr Ghali)
Follow up clinic Miss Lai (Monday morning and alternate Thursday afternoon) Breast Surgeon (Tuesday morning) Mr Chong (Thursday morning) Mr Thomson (Friday morning)
Post operative and results clinic Wednesday - Mr Thomson/Mr Chong/Miss Lai
Tattooing clinic Once a month, day can vary

Lina Bunker, Breast Clinic Sister

Qualifications: SRN, SCM, ENB A11 (Breast care)

Lina Bunker, Breast Clinic Sister Lina trained in London at St Charles' Hospital, Ladbroke Grove and St Mary's Hospital, Paddington and qualified as a State Registered Nurse in 1976. She trained in midwifery at St Mary's Hospital, Harrow Road and qualified as a midwife in 1978.