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Get up, get dressed and get moving #endPJparalysis

Posted: 2 Month 2016
Tracy Moran, Lead Nurse Patient Experience

We are supporting the initiative #endPJparalysis and Get up, Get dressed and Get moving, which aims to speed-up patients’ recovery and reduce the length of time people need to spend in hospital.

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The premise of #endPJparalysis is very simple: Once patients arrive in hospital, they normally stay in their pyjamas or hospital gown until they are discharged. The goal of our #endPJparalysis initiative is to get patients up, dressed and moving and reduce harm, enhance dignity and promote a speedier recovery.

We are using this nationally used # on social media to share our good practice and learn from others with the same goals.

While patients of all ages can benefit from being more active, it’s particularly important for older people. Recent studies have also shown that 10 days in bed can lead to 10 years of ageing in the muscles of people over the age of 80.

There's sometimes an assumption that when you’re in hospital you should be in your pyjamas or nightwear all the time but that’s just not the case. At West Herts Trust we’d love to see more patients up and in their day clothes but we need the help of relatives, friends and carers to help and support us by bringing in a daily supply of fresh clothing to help patients get out of bed.

Chief Nurse Tracey Carter is calling on everyone who can to help with the launch of this campaign to end “PJ paralysis”. She said: “Many of our patients do not want to spend any longer in hospital than is absolutely necessary so it is vital that our teams of nurses, therapists, doctors and support staff do everything they can to encourage and facilitate patients to get out of bed and get dressed. This helps promote independence so please help us to help them.”

The hospital is also encouraging patients to ask about their condition, what needs to be done to enable them to go home and when can they be discharged. Both of these initiatives support the broader ‘Red2Green Days’ – that aims to ensure that patients have valuable ‘Green Days’, in which all of the treatments lead towards the goal of getting home instead of Red Days which have no value for the patient.


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