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Two virus cells

There has been an increase
in patient infections

Special measures are in place to protect you

Guidance for visitors

There are lots of winter viruses around at this time of year. Some wards have added infection control measures in place.

Please help protect our vulnerable patients by following these guidelines.

If you are coming to visit:

Do not visit if you have:

You need to wait 48 hours after your symptoms clear before visiting.

Read more about our infection prevention and control measures.

Standard visiting times

Visiting hours for all our wards are between 2pm – 8pm seven days a week (unless individual wards provide alternative information).

Visiting for adults

If required, one relative or friend may accompany patients in the following areas:

If required, a maximum of two visitors per patient bed space are allowed between 2pm-8pm in the following areas:

Visiting for adults in COVID assigned areas

Visiting a COVID assigned area requires a face mask to be worn. This applies to:

Exceptional circumstances

More flexible visiting will be allowed, under the guidance and support of the nurse in charge, in the following exceptional circumstances.

The visiting arrangements, including the number of visitors, will be subject to discussion and agreement with the nurse in charge taking in to account the safety of others.

Visiting for children and babies

Visiting is open to parents or guardians as follows:

Maternity visiting

View details about current visiting arrangements for maternity.

The final decision regarding visiting will always be at the discretion of the nurse in charge.

Please note, wards may be subject to closure at short notice due to infection control measures.

Please keep in close contact with the ward before visiting.