Flexible working

We know our staff work best when they’re able to successfully balance work with other aspects of their lives. Flexible working aims to help our staff achieve this balance.

We're committed to supporting flexibility in the workplace, empowering our employees to work in a way that is best for themselves, the patients and the trust.

All employees have a right to request flexible working from the first day they are employed in the NHS. Employees are entitled to make an unlimited number of applications for flexible working but should note that only one application can be considered at any one time.

There are various flexible working options available to our staff:

  • Part time hours
  • Term time only working
  • Annualised hours - Agree to a certain number of hours to be worked each year. Hours are then worked flexibly and according to the needs of the service. Regardless of what hours you work each month you will be paid the same each month (a twelfth of your annual salary)
  • V-time (Voluntary reduction of hours) - Contractual hours reduced for a short period of time, with a guarantee to return to previously contracted hours
  • Compressed hours - Hours worked in a shorter period than would be considered normal e.g full time hours worked over a 9-day fortnight rather than a 10-day fortnight
  • Home working - Working from home, either occasionally, on a permanent basis or as a blended approach (home working and on-site presence)
  • Job share - two employees share one full time job
  • Extended period of unpaid leave - a break from work of between one and three months without pay