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Patient Portal

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What is the Patient Portal?

Our Patient Portal is a completely secure way to view and manage your own hospital health information.

It's an online system that allows you to view information held on your hospital record, such as hospital appointments, clinical documentation and test results. You can also receive messages from your care team.

What can you access via the Patient Portal?

What appointment information is available?

Faster diagnosis, pre-operative assessment (POA), day case, elective admissions and radiology patients can view appointments, letters and discharge summaries.

All other types of patient can view, reschedule and cancel appointments.

Who can use the Patient Portal?

SMS registration invites will be sent to any patient aged over 18 years old who has a UK mobile number and email address and:

Patients who attend the Emergency Department between 10pm and 6am will receive their SMS registration invite after 6am.

Please note, patients who are seen in the Urgent Treatment Centre only will not receive an SMS registration invite.

How to register for Patient Portal

To register on the Patient Portal, you will need:

If you have received an SMS invitation, click on the link in the text message and follow the instructions to register.

Alternatively, you can register directly on the Portal.

If you don’t have a mobile phone number associated with your hospital record or need to update the phone number, please contact our Outpatients contact centre on 0300 303 5929.

If you have an existing NHS log in (for example if you’ve used the NHS App or other NHS websites) you can log in using this.


If you are experiencing any issues or have questions about the Patient Portal, in the first instance, please view our FAQs.

You can also contact support via the Help Centre.