Division of Surgery - Surgery and Urology


Urology services at our hospitals are run by a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and administrative staff. 


We have 4 consultants, 5 registrars (speciality trainees) and 4 foundation doctors who look after our patients. Find out more about our consultants by clicking below.

We work closely with oncology at Mount Vernon hospital for specialised cancer services. Find out more about our consultant oncologists below:


The Urology Clinical Nurse Specialists work closely as a team with four Consultant Urologists.

The service includes supporting patients and their families newly diagnosed with Urological cancers, running nurse-led clinics for a range of Urological conditions that include prostate assessment, erectile dysfunction, trial without catheter and patient education, and support with procedures such as clean intermittent self-catheterisation. The team also provide support to ward staff and Trust wide training for male catheterisation. Our specialist nursing team:

  • Annette Ali – Lead nurse for urology services Names clickable for subsequent pages
  • Jean Murray and Zoe Pinder – Macmillan urology/cancer nurse specialists
  • Girda Plummeridge and Margaret Ng – Urology specialist nurses

Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist

The role of the Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist at West Herts is to offer advice, information and support to people who have been diagnosed with a urological cancer.

We help them make informed decisions about their treatment, and guide them through the maze of different services. We also offer emotional support and help people with cancer cope with their symptoms.

In addition we run a dedicated nurse led clinic for people who are survivors of cancer treatment. The aim is to ensure that patients get the care and support they need to lead as healthy and active a life as possible for as long as possible.

The Uro/Oncology Macmillan team is made up of two Clinical Nurse Specialists: Jean Murray and Zoe Pinder.

We can be contacted as follows:

  1. 01923 436651 (voicemail available)
  2. Email jeanmurray@nhs.net, Zoe.pinder@nhs.net

Urology Clinical Nurse Specialists

Margaret and Girda are our clinical nurse specialists. They run clinics, including prostate assessment, erectile dysfunction, trial without catheter (TWOC), male/and female, flowrate (FR) clinics and teaching of Clean Intermittent Self Catheterisation (CISC) and Clean Intermittent Self Dilatation (CISD).

They are contactable through switchboard:

  • Girda Plummeridge – bleep 1568
  • Margaret Ng – bleep 1455
  • Annette Ali - Lead Nurse Urology Services & Advance Practitioners (Surgery)

Annette work closely with her team of urology specialist nurses to provide clinical leadership, education, development and supervision.

She has her own caseload of patients alongside the Urology Consultants, Oncology Consultant and medical team.

She has her own nurse-led Flexi-Cystoscopy, Trans rectal Ultrasound and prostatic biopsy clinics and assists in surgery. Contactable through switchboard: Annette Ali – bleep 1457

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