Katherine ward

Picture of a woman holoding a babyKatherine ward is our postnatal ward which has four-bedded bays, as well as some individual rooms. It is staffed by midwives, nursery nurses, health care assistants and ward clerks.

If you have given birth on our delivery suite you will be transferred to Katherine ward.

It depends what type of birth you have had as to how long your stay is. If you have had a normal delivery and all is well, it may still be possible to go home after six hours. After an instrumental delivery the stay is normally 24 hours and after a caesarean section normally two or three days. Each case is judged individually.

Every member of staff is there to help you with your baby. Katherine ward also has the assistance of our infant feeding co-ordinator to help with difficult feeding issues.

Picture of a nurse measuring the blood presseure of a patient

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