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Postnatal care

West Hertfordshire Maternity Services offers postnatal inpatient services based in Watford General Hospital.

Our range of services includes:

Our postnatal team is committed to providing multi-disciplinary care to ensure families receive the highest standards of care and support after the birth of your baby.

Your postnatal care will be provided by Watford Maternity Unit NHS midwives, maternity care assistants and nursery nurses. The midwives and maternity assistants will provide you with postnatal care that will depend upon the type of birth you have had, as well as you and your baby's individual needs.

If you have a normal birth without any complications, you may choose to go home as soon as six hours after your baby is born. Some mothers find they need some support with feeding and chose to stay with us for a bit longer.

If you have had an instrumental delivery or caesarean section, your recovery may take a little longer. Mothers are advised to stay in hospital for at least 24 hours after a caesarean section, although you may be recommended to stay with us for more time if there are other concerns.

Breastfeeding is encouraged and your choice of feeding your baby will be supported. See our infant feeding page for more information.

We aim to involve you fully in every aspect of your care and that of your baby. Unless medically indicated, national guidance recommends that well babies are not separated from their mothers at any time. Your baby will remain with you in your room at all times, whether you are on four bedded bay or in a single room unless your baby needs to be cared for in the Special Care Baby Unit.

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