Delivery suite

Picture of four hospital staff in a wardDelivery suite is a high risk area on level 3 of the maternity block. There are 10 delivery rooms, a high dependency unit, two theatres and a triage bay. For some women delivery suite best suits their needs.

If you are labouring on delivery suite through choice or by default, you maybe there because you don't meet the criteria of the ABC, you can still have an active birth.

If you are attached to a monitor or have a drip going - they both have leads - you can still sit on birthing balls or walk around a bit. Be positive, work with your midwife, let him/her know you want to be mobile for as long as possible.

If you are opting for an epidural see what mobility you have after the first dose. Depending on how the epidural affects you some women can still move about, even walk - ask to try. Our epidurals are low dose, not mobile. The more doses of epidural you have the more dense the block will become and mobility will become increasingly difficult.

Theatres are on level 3 with delivery suite, as is special baby care.

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