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Freedom of information publication scheme

Access to health records

If you wish to view or have copies of your or another person's medical records you will need to complete and return the Trust’s Application form for Access to Health Records, together with the documentation necessary to prove your entitlement to disclosure of the records. The form explains who has entitlement, the documents required and the associated charges.

» Download the Application form for access to health records

or email:

Caldicott Guardian

Caldicott Guardian has responsibility to ensure the protection of patient confidentiality throughout the Trust in accordance with your legal rights. At West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust the Caldicott Guardian position is held by the Medical Director, who can be contacted at:

West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust,
Trust Offices,
Watford General Hospital,
Vicarage Road
Herts WD18 0HB

By email: