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Hemel Hempstead town centre to Hemel Hempstead Hospital (Verulam wing, upper entrance)

Please take time to check any correspondence you receive about which of our three hospital sites your appointment or visit is going to be on.

This simple route runs from the town centre to the Verulam Wing upper entrance. The Verulam Wing is where most, but not all, services are run. The Hospital is situated on a hill, so those who may have a heart problem, a condition that affects breathing or walking, may find it preferable to take a taxi, even though it's a short journey. The taxi rank is situated opposite the bus stops in the Marlowes where this route starts.

Please note: you are under no obligation to follow our suggested route. If you do decide to follow the suggested route, you do so at your own risk and West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust cannot accept any responsibility for accidents, mishaps or incidents that may occur when following the suggested route listed on this website.

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Picture of a bus stop in Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead

The route starts in Marlowes, (the main shopping street), in the town centre at the main bus stops. These bus stops are in front of the raised shopping strip known locally as 'The Ramp'.

Picture of Marlowes looking north-west#

At the bus stops, walk back along Marlowes until you join the junction with Hillfield Road.

Picture of the junction of Marlowes and Hillfield Road

At the junction of Marlowes and Hillfield Road, turn right to go up the hill.

Picture of the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Hillfeld Road

Go up Hillfield Road until, bypassing the crossing on your left and carry on just round the corner until you reach the pedestrian crossing on King Harry Street. The pavement is narrow here, so take care.

Picture of the pedestrian crossing at King Harry Street

Cross King Harry Street at the pedestrian crossing.

Picture of the right hand pavement going up Hillfield Road

Carry on up Hillfield Road. The NCP car park is on your left. If you require the X-Ray Departmentwebsite image, go in to the Hospital site via Entrance A, the next turning on your right. Cross the car park and The X-Ray Departmentwebsite image is on the left hand side, the other side of the large stone steps, down a small, gentle slope.

Picture of the right hand pavement going up Hillfield Road, crossing entrance B to the Hospital

At this point you'll pass the entrance to the the Marnham Wingwebsite image. If you need the Fracture clinic you should enter here.

For general outpatient appointments, carry on past Entrance A and Entrance B on your right and carry on up the hill.

Picture of the main entranec to Hemel Hempstead Hospital

You're now at the main entrance to the Hospital site. Turn right here.

Picture of the right hand pavement entering the main entrance to Hemel Hempstead Hospital

Walk straight along the path here towards the Verulam Wing. Take care here as the pavement is narrow.

Picture of the Verulam Wing at Hemel Hempstead Hospital

Cross the road here and follow it round to the left. If you need to go to the Urgent Care Centrewebsite image, from here it's down the hill to the right.

Picture of the path to the left of the Verulam Wing

Follow the path round to the right, and beware of traffic exiting any concealed entrances.

Picture of the path outside the Mortuary

Once round the corner, go straight ahead, again being careful of vehicles exiting from the right.

Picture of the Verulam Wing upper entrance, looking from the right

Follow the path round to the right, then left.

Picture of the Verulam Wing upper entrance, looking from the front

You're now at the upper entrance to the Verulam Wing which is on level 3. From here you can access the Outpatient department (level 2), the Pathology department (level 2) and other services.

There are lifts and stairs on the right of the corridor as you enter the building.

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