Outline Business Case (OBC) 2020-2021

Work is now beginning on the Outline Business Case (OBC). This follows the Strategic Outline Case (SOC) and is the next stage in the regulatory approval process.

Within this stage we will:

Shortlist of options

We have approached a key milestone in our Outline Business Case as the boards of West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust and Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group met and approved the shortlist of options. The next stage of the process is an extensive analysis of the benefits and costs of each option. There is more detailed information about the outcome of the meeting and the options in our press release. The board papers for this meeting are also available on our website.

Watch our film and read our engagement document on the proposed shortlist .This document is also available in MS-Word format here

Next steps

The aim is to confirm the final preferred option early in 2021 and to complete the OBC later in the year. Once the OBC is approved the design will be finalised, a construction partner will be procured and a detailed construction contract, build plan and cost agreed. This will be set out in a full business case (FBC). The engagement with stakeholders will continue and will be informed by the feedback from the survey.