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Emergency care long list options framework appraisal

Planned care short list and overall summary of short lists

These presentation slides are a formal record of the options appraisal panel meeting to review the longlist. The appraisal panel included representatives from Healthwatch, Herts Valley CCG, NHSE & I, the strategic estates team, the Trust clinical leadership team and the acute redevelopment Programme Team.

The appraisal was completed in line with HM Treasury Green Book guidance. The process is explained in more detail in our information film and stakeholder meeting presentation. Please note that these presentation documents comprise detailed and technical information and donít include some of the explanations or clarifications that would usually be included in documents prepared for publication.

Investment objectives

Our investment objectives are the outcomes we want to achieve. Take a look at the detail of the outcomes we expect as a result of the money spent.

View investment objectives

View stakeholder feedback - investment objectives and essential criteria

Independent site feasibility study

Download the Brief for Independent Site Survey

Download the Independent site feasibility study and valuation advice

WHHT Site Feasibility Report

WHHT Site Feasibility Report - appendices

Naxton report Ė WHHT and HVCCG response

BDP has won the contract to redevelop the three hospitals at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust (WHHT). Further information on BDPís work in the healthcare sector can be found on their website. A presentation of their breadth of work in the healthcare sector can be viewed here.

Design principles

The purpose of the design principles is to communicate the desired overarching principles for the redevelopment across all three sites. These set the foundation for the delivery of safe and cost-effective quality healthcare.

Download the design principles


The stakeholder reference group (SRG) provided feedback on the design principles (7 December SRG meeting).

You can view the redevelopment team's response to the SRG feedback. Our architect design team BDP will take into consideration all feedback provided.

Download WHHT response to design principles

Download community feedback on design principles

Modern methods of construction

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust is embracing the modern methods of construction that the government wants to be used in its ambitious hospital building programme over the next five years. Duane Passman, acute redevelopment programme director, describes how the trust is taking a smart approach to redevelopment to achieve the best possible configuration of hospital space and is planning to manufacture parts of the new facilities off-site to minimise disruption during building works and reduce waste.

Read Duane Passman's article

HM Treasury Green Book

The Green Book is guidance issued by HM Treasury on how to appraise policies, programmes and projects.

Download The Green Book


View the letter from the Department of Health and Social Care

Briefing note for regulators (dated February 2020)

This briefing document (referred to in the letter from DHSC) was prepared by the trust for regulators. Please note that it does not include some of the explanations or clarifications that would usually be included in documents prepared for publication.

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust privacy statement explains what personal data the trust collects and how it uses the information.

The privacy statement can be viewed here.

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Stakeholder redevelopment update August 2021

Hospital redevelopment road map

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