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Dr Matthew J Knight


Name, qualifications:

Dr Matthew J Knight, MBBS BSc PGCert (Allergy) FRCP

Practising at:

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Health Education East of England, Cambridge


Respiratory Medicine


Allergy, General Internal Medicine, Medical Education

Special clinical interests:

1. Respiratory infections- I am keen to consult on patients with recurrent respiratory tract infections (chest infections) to aim to elucidate the cause of their problems and help to implement treatments. Diseases of interest include Covid-19, Pneumonia, Bronchiectasis, Tuberculosis, Sinusitis and immune deficiency. I led the Covid Virtual hospital, and along with my colleagues Dr Barlow and Dr Vancheeswaran am actively involved with covid related research.

2.    Asthma and Allergy- Having completed a Post Graduate Certificate and a number of post graduate courses at Imperial College London, I take a keen interest in allergies relating to the respiratory system. In particular the management of difficult asthma.

3.    Chronic Breathlessness- Along with Dr Barlow, Dr Evans and Dr Wenzel (Cardiologist) I take an active interest in the investigation and management of unexplained and chronic breathlessness. We are currently developing our Cardio Pulmonary Exercise testing facility here and are looking forward to providing this enhanced diagnostic service here at West Herts.

4.    Chronic Cough- I take a keen interest in the investigation and management of chronic cough (that is persistent cough of more than 8 weeks duration).

5.    Pleural Disease- Along with Dr Barlow, I co-run the Pleural Disease Service providing both inpatient and outpatient/ambulatory care to patients with pleural disease (such as pleural effusion and pneumothorax). I have authored the trust's pleural disease management guidelines. I am competent to perform thoracic US and plan to train in medical thoracoscopy. I am the Principle Investigator at the Watford site for the Oxford University led research trial on Ambulatory Management of Pneumothorax (RAMPP trial)

6. Remote patient monitoring and out of hospital medicine

Please note: Dr Knight is now teaching overseas on sabbatical and will only be doing virtual clinics in the 20/21 academic year

Current posts (NHS, University):

Year of first medical qualification:


Current membership(s) of professional, national and regional bodies:

Contact details:

Recent publications and presentations:

Current Clinical Trials

Previous trials RAMPP study

(Randomised ambulatory management of primary pneumothorax)

HiSPEC trial The use of an ambulatory device in the treatment of pneumothoraces caused by underlying lung disease


Professional Profile

I am currently working on projects in virtual/remote patient care whilst undertaking a sabbatical in Valencia, Spain. Until July 2020 I was an Associate Postgraduate Dean at Health Education East of England, based in Cambridge.

I trained at the Royal Free Hospital and subsequently undertook my postgraduate training in the North West Thames Respiratory Training programme (rotating via the Royal Brompton, Royal Free, Harefield, Barnet, Watford and Northwick Park hospitals). I completed a PGCert in Allergy Medicine at Imperial College.

I lead within the Trust on unexplained breathlessness, complex asthma and allergies, cardio pulmonary exercise testing and pleural services. I am actively involved with research in pleural diseases, participating in major multi-centre clinical trials. Along with my colleague Dr Barlow I established the trusts Ambulatory Pleural service, allowing patients to be treated at home for pleural diseases rather than being admitted.

Having completed post graduate studies in Allergy medicine at Imperial College, alongside Dr Andrew Barlow and Dr Odhiambo I help to provide our Asthma and allergy service within the Trust. My particular interests are in the investigation and management of difficult to control asthma.

Along with all my colleagues I am actively involved with the provision of the Sleep medicine, lung cancer, Interstitial lung disease, bronchoscopy and COPD community services.

In my education role I work closely with the Dean and Deputy Dean in the East of England region on the delivery of high quality postgraduate medical education across the East of England region. I also regularly teach to undergraduates and postgraduates, both clinical bed side teaching, as well as formal teaching in the UK and in Spain.

Personal Profile

Away from medicine I enjoy travel, reading and most importantly relaxing with my family. I am currently learning Spanish (slowly!) whilst working for an academic year in Spain.

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