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Board meetings 2012

May 29th, 2012: Medical Education Centre, Hemel Hempstead Hospital, 10.00


Minutes from Previous Meeting - 29 March 2012

Board Register of Interests

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust – Annual Cycle of Board Business 2012/13

Board Assurance Framework

Information Management and Technology Strategy

Capacity Planning Update

Capital Programme

Hemel LGH Update

Performance Report

Financial Report

Infection Control Report

Serious Incidents

Local Security Management Annual Report


Inpatient Survey Report

Patient Experience Net Promoter Question (NPQ)

Deanery Update

Audit Committee

Finance Committee

Integrated Risk & Governance Committee (IRaGC)

Strategy Committee

Remuneration Committee

Ward and Department Visits: Actions from Part 1 Board Meeting on 26 January 2012