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Board meetings 2012

March 29th, 2012: Lecture Theatre 1, Medical Education Centre, Watford General Hospital, 13.00


Minutes from Previous Meeting - 26 January 2012

Action Log

Board Assurance Framework

Budget Setting

Capital Programme

Annual Plan

Capacity Pressures Winter 2011-12 - March 2012

Reshaping Strategies

Staff Survey

Performance Board Report

Corporate Objectives

Finance Report

Board Report - Junior Doctors Deanery Update March 2012

Nursing Quality

Quality Account Report

Outpatient Survey

Infection Control

Serious Incident

Complaints, Litigation, Incident and PALS

Information Governance

Board Report External Scrutiny Visits

Charitable Funds Committee

Audit Committee

Finance Committee

Integrated Risk and Governance Committee

Strategy Committee

Item 73 Board brief Elimination of Mixed Sex Accommodation

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