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Inpatient Guide - Before You Come Into Hospital

Admissions letter

Your letter from the Admissions Office will advise you of the date and time that you need to come into hospital. It is very important that you follow these instructions otherwise your treatment may be delayed. Please advise the Admissions Office immediately via the telephone number at the top of your letter if you have any problems or concerns about coming into hospital.

Admissions Office

Please telephone the Admissions Office at 2pm on the day you are due to come into hospital to check that a bed is still available (Not applicable for admission to the St Albans City Hospital Site(. For women using Women's Services you may call Elizabeth Ward on 01923 217902 from anytime after 6am on the proposed day of admission.

If you fail to contact the Admissions Office on the day you are due to come into hospital, a bed may not be available when you arrive.

Supplementary Benefits, Pensions and Allowances

Patients who receive supplementary benefits should inform their local branch of the Department of Social Security (DSS) of their admission to hospital as it may affect the rate payable. If you receive a pension, a relative or friend can be nominated by yourself to cash your orders on your behalf whilst you are an inpatient. However if you are going to be an inpatient for more than 52 weeks you will need to inform your local DSS Office. Patients receiving Attendance Allowance need to inform the DSS after four weeks.

Patient Affairs Office

The hospitals' Patient Affairs Offices will be able to offer you further advice before and after your admission to hospital, or alternatives the ward staff can contact them at this address on your behalf:

Patient Affairs Offices can be contacted at:

  • Watford General Hospital 01923 217114
  • Hemel Hempstead Hospital 01442 287004 and Mount Vernon Hospital 01923 844292

There is no Patient Affairs Office at St Albans City Hospital, so please contact Hemel Hempstead Hospital Patient affairs for advice on 01442 287004.

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