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Admissions Department Contact Details
4372 Garry Saunders Coull, Offori-Atta, Rudge, Ram
4867 Tara Bruce Whittingham-Jones, Davies, West, Orthofellow
4102 Hilary Dann Corner Irwin (Mon,wed,thurs only)
4374 Melissa Hall Caudals Langdon Dyson Ghani Kumar Balaji
4867 Kirsty Gruber Waters Read Ram
General Surgery and Urology
4604 Marianne Petrella Hallan, Pandit, Ghei
4664 Charlotte Tyler Lai, Thompson, Chong, Baldota, Amin, Hart, Tirunga
7081 / 4169 Sue Cornock (Team Leader for General Surgery) - (WGH) Arbuckle, Cheetham, Livingstone, Marreddygari, Awad, Sarin, Al-Bahrani, Jambulingham, Angioplasty/Embolisations/Nephrostomies
4666 Ema Gigna Bhatti, WGH UROLOGY LISTS, Banks, Roux, Shah, Sheikh - Halawa
4678 Sue Ward SACH Urology, Banks, Roux, Sheikh - Bhatti
4665 Leanne Hughes (SACH) - Livingstone, Arbuckle, Sarin, Awad, Cheetham, Al-Bahrani, Marreddygari
ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)
4709 Beth Crane Toh, Hussain, Mandal, Pratap, Johnston, Majumdar
4716 Teresa Townend - (Team Leader for Ophthalmology and Orthopaedics) Kosmin, Kodati, Barampouti
4662 Ann Murphy Ismail, Barampouti, (Paeds), Minor ops
7640 Janet Hunt Padwick, Owens, Drake (Gynae oncology)/ Menezes, Mittal, Boret, Irvine, Awala, Hextall, Sanusi, Coker, (WGH), Borase, Sanu, Direct line – 01923 217640
7345 , Direct line – 01923 217345 Debbie Fensom Padwick, Menezes, Mittal, Boret, Irvine, Awala, Hextall, Sanusi, Coker, (SACH)
Helen Button 7028 WGH and Dharmesh Patel 3260 WGH 2123 Michelle Selley (Hemel) and, Raj and Andrea 4319 SACH
4117 Rebecca Laws – Admissions Manager – Surgery
Tom Ellis - Admin Asst – 4661
Elly Cook – Admin Asst - 4564
Amy Lomas Admin Asst - 4444

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