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Victoria Ward - Ante-natal Ward

This is our ante-natal ward. Victoria ward also has 4 bedded bays. So any problems prior to having the baby that you need admitting to hospital for you would go onto Victoria ward. This is also where you would be admitted to if you consent to an induction of labour. 

For a few women early labour can be very difficult and can last for several hours, even over a couple of days. If women are struggling in this situation and unable to cope at home any longer it has been known to admit early labouring women onto Victoria ward.

Neither ABC nor the Delivery Suite can admit early labourers unless there is a problem, or sometimes if you are in the high risk bracket. They simply do not have the capacity. We strongly advise women to stay at home in early labour unless you have been advised to phone and come in as soon as labour starts.

You should feel comfortable at home surrounded by your own things, rest, eat and drink and let labour develop. Have a nice warm bath and then put your TENS machine on. You can phone for advice anytime.

Remember most women labour and birth normally.

If it is not your first baby you are advised to arrange your child care and ring for advice as soon as contractions are in a regular pattern.

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