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Support for parents:

How supervision and supervisors of midwives can help you.

Parents and Midwives:

Supervisors of midwives give guidance and support to both midwives and parents to ensure that the care offered is right, given in the right place, by the right person and that it will benefit women and their families.

Who are supervisors of midwives?

Supervisors of midwives are experienced practising midwives who have undertaken additional education and training to support, guide and supervise midwives. Every midwife must have a named supervisor of midwives.

How can supervisors of midwives help you?
  • Supporting and advising women and midwives in care choices, for example place of birth.
  • Creating an environment that facilitates effective communication between you and women, their families and midwives about their care.
  • Protecting the public by promoting safe practice and investigating concerns of health, competence, behaviour or misconduct of midwives. Supervisors can implement remedial action through supervised practice or referral to the local supervising authority (LSA) and the midwives’ regulatory body, the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC).
How do I contact a supervisor of midwives?

A supervisor of midwives is available 24 hours a day and can be contacted by telephoning the hosptial switchboard on 01923 244366. The operator will take your details and arrange for the supervisor of midwives to call you back. If you would like more information this can be found on notice boards with hospital antenatal clinics, or if you have access to the internet visit the website below.


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