Clinical Services

Gynaecology Day Assessment Unit

What to Expect

All patients are seen by either a nurse or a health care assistant and are asked to fill in a form in order to generate a hospital number, vital signs will be noted, and patients will be asked to provide a urine specimen. Patients are then seen by a doctor, who will take a history, examine them and arrange further tests (if necessary) including:

  • Pelvic or abdominal scans
  • Blood tests
  • Vaginal examination including a speculum examination and swabs

Patients are admitted to the Gynaecology ward (Elizabeth), surgery if needed is arranged via the unit and will either occur as an emergency in Watford, or semi-electively via St Alban’s City Hospital. All patients will receive a senior opinion prior to discharge and a letter is generated for the GP. Patients are also given contact telephone numbers to contact us if there are any ongoing concerns.

Complex cases are offered appointments to be reviewed by the consultant lead for emergency gynaecology.

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