Enhanced Recovery

Welcome to the Enhanced Recovery Programme for Hip and Knee Replacements

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will it last?

Most hip and knee replacements will last at least 20 years or more in 80% of the patients

When can I drive?

Check with your GP first. Most people are able to return to driving at around 3 - 5weeks. You need to be able to perform and emergency stop without pain stopping you.

When can I fly?

Flying is discouraged for 3 months (long haul flights) due to the increased risks of getting blood clots.

When can I return to work?

If you work we advise that you discuss with your boss the need for time off work after your operation, and support on your return to work before coming into hospital. If available, talk with your Occupational Health Department.

The length of time off will depend on what job you do. Please ask your nurse or doctor for a sick note/fitness for work form prior to your discharge to hospital.
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