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Outpatient Physiotherapy at Watford has moved to Jacketts Field in Abbotts Langley

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Physiotherapy provides a service to patients with a wide variety of clinical conditions. Through a process of assessment and treatment, physiotherapists aim to improve quality of life, optimise function and encourage self-management.

The Objectives of the service are:

  • Assess and treat respiratory conditions and infections to prevent deterioration and facilitate recovery.
  • Assess and improve compromised mobility of patients with complex multi pathology presentations. This achieves and maximises the potential of the patient for safe and appropriate discharge.
  • Provide acute rehabilitation to appropriate patients to minimise secondary complications and maximise functional recovery.
  • Identify patients at risk of falling and treat accordingly.
  • Provide pre and post operative management of relevant surgical and amputee patients.
  • Provide on-call service to acute respiratory patients who would deteriorate without intervention from a physiotherapist out of normal working hours and at weekends.
  • Assess patients for discharge that are medically stable in order to prevent hospital admission

Along with their Occupational Therapy colleagues, the Physiotherapists are grouped into teams offering a comprehensive range of services for patients.

  • Respiratory
  • Elderly Medical
  • Stroke Team - Hemel Hempstead Hospital and Watford General Hospital
  • AAU and A&E Team
  • Orthopaedic Team - St Albans City Hospital and Watford General Hospital
  • Outpatient Physiotherapy
  • Women's Health
  • Paediatrics

The core hours for physiotherapy are from 08:15 – 16:30, Monday – Friday. A morning service operates at the weekend on the orthopaedic wards at St Albans and Watford General. An out of hour service for acutely unwell respiratory patients operates between 16:30 – 08:30 and over the weekends.

For outpatients the department is open from 08:00 – 16:30.


01923 217271

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