Enhanced Recovery

Enhanced recovery, often referred to as rapid recovery, is a new, evidence-based model of care that creates fitter patients who recover faster from major surgery. It is the modern way for treating patients where day surgery is not appropriate.

Patients are fitter sooner and ready to go home earlier with reduced complications. The model of care is safe and effective, ensuring patients are partners in their care - focusing on less invasive surgical techniques, pain relief and the management of fluids and diet, which help patients to recover better post-operatively with no additional burden on primary or social care.

Why is Enhanced Recovery good for patients?
  • It helps people to recover sooner so that life can return to normal as quickly as possible
  • It gives people a better overall experience due to higher quality care and services
  • It lets people choose what’s best for them throughout the course of their treatment with help from their GP and the wider healthcare team (“No decision about me without me".)
  • Many people who have experienced Enhanced Recovery say that it makes a hospital stay much less stressful

If you require further information please speak to your GP or to the Consultant during your clinic appointment.

You may also be interested in the the NHS Enhanced recovery website.

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