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Picture of two people holding a babyWest Herts Trust offers a variety of antenatal courses run by midwives which cover topics including pain relief, birth options, delivery, caring for mum and baby and most include a full tour of the Maternity Unit.

Preparing for birth at Watford General Hospital

This is a free, online midwife led antenatal class for mum and birthing partner planning to birth at Watford General Hospital maternity unit. We run these sessions once a month and the session is approximately 2 hours long.

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Preparation for baby - antenatal class

Free course produced by health visitors, midwives and family support staff for expectant parents between 25-34 weeks pregnant, living in Hertfordshire. Available as both face to face sessions or pre-recorded video.

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Face to face breastfeeding sessions

In this 2 hour in-person session, we’ll cover how your breasts make milk, colostrum (your first milk), skin to skin contact, how to hold your baby to breastfeed, how to know your baby is getting enough milk, when to feed your baby and a tool box full of skills you may need when breastfeeding. There is plenty of time to answer any questions you have. The ideal time to attend is after you are 32 weeks pregnant.

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Online antenatal breastfeeding workshops

Come and learn how to get breastfeeding off to a good start at our breastfeeding workshop. You will learn about some of the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby and how your body works to make milk. Babies use feeding cues to let you know when they are hungry and this guides you to feed your baby responsively. The 90 minute virtual session will help you to learn how to position your baby for feeding, so that feeding is comfortable. The ideal time to attend is after you are 32 weeks pregnant.

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Video tour of Watford maternity unit

The video tour of our Maternity Unit includes our birth centre the Alexandra Birth Centre (ABC), Victoria Ward (antenatal ward), Katherine Ward (postnatal ward) and Delivery Suite.

View a video tour of the Watford Maternity Unit.

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