Gynae Day Assessment and Early Pregnancy Unit

These two units run adjacently for women experiencing acute gynaecological / early pregnancy emergencies. All women require a written referral from a GP, Out-of-hours Unit or Accident and Emergency and unfortunately we are unable to accept self-referrals.

Gynae Day Assessment Unit

Our Gynae Day Assessment Unit (GDAU) is a doctor-run service for women who present with:

  • Emergency gynaecological conditions
  • Pregnant women experiencing urgent or emergency conditions up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, including miscarriages, ectopic and molar pregnancies.

Please note Gynae Day Assessment Unit does not include an ultrasound service and a separate ultrasound scan referral may be required.

Tel: 01923 217344

Open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Early Pregnancy Unit

Our Early pregnancy unit is an appointment-based ultrasound scan unit providing ultrasound scans for women in the first trimester of pregnancy.


  • A positive urine pregnancy test on the day of referral is required. If a confirmed urine pregnancy test has not been done, the scan request may be rejected.
  • 6-12 weeks + 6 days pregnant with vaginal bleeding
  • 5 weeks + 4 days to 12 weeks + 6 days pregnant with abdominal pain
  • Previous ectopic pregnancy (from 6 weeks + 3 days to 12 weeks + 6 days)
  • Two or more previous miscarriages (from 8-12 weeks + 6 days)
  • Previous molar pregnancy (8-12 weeks + 6 days)

Tel: 01923 217831

Open Monday – Friday 8:50 - 16:30, Saturday 10 - 16:00

How to get help

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