Birth options and Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

Birth Options and Vaginal Birth after Caesarean clinics (VBAC) are run by a midwife, Consultant Midwife and/or Consultant Obstetrician, with expertise in birth planning for service users choosing to give birth outside guidance or users with complex cases.

Discussions on birth preferences usually take place between a woman and her community midwife. If the woman feels she needs further advice, a personalised birth plan can be discussed and designed with your community midwife where necessary. Where a woman makes a place of birth or mode of birth decision outside recommendation, your midwife may refer you to be seen in the VBAC clinic. Appointments to these clinics are booked by your midwife and/or obstetrician.

The Birth Options clinic is aimed at women who have had a history of complex birth or those who would like to discuss their birth options when these are outside clinical guidance. Women referred to Birth Options clinic are presented with evidence-based information regarding recommendations for birth, whilst individual queries are answered and referrals to other team members are made, where appropriate.

The VBAC clinic welcomes women who have previously had a caesarean section. If they feel they need more information to make a decision with regards to mode of birth they can book an appointment to attend the VBAC clinic.

The following leaflets should be consulted prior to attending Birth Options or VBAC clinics:

Women who are considering opting for an elective caesarean section for no medical reason:

Women who are considering their preferred mode of birth, following a previous caesarean section:

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