Your maternity notes

Accessing your maternity appointments, clinical information and care notes has never been so simple!

BadgerNet is our digital patient record system that allows patients to view their maternity records via an online portal called BadgerNotes. This can be accessed from a smartphone or any device with internet access and replaces handheld paper notes throughout the course of your pregnancy and postnatal period.

To access the portal, you can either download the BadgerNotes app via App Store, Google Play or visit the Badgernet web portal using the links below.

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If you would like to have your baby at Watford General Hospital, you first need to register your pregnancy via our Maternity self-referral form.

You can find out lots of information about our maternity facilities here.

Please contact our maternity team on 01923 217339 if you have any questions.

Once you’ve registered your pregnancy, your midwife will give you the details you need to register for your BadgerNotes account.

There are numerous benefits to using a digital patient record system rather than paper notes, including:

  • easy access to appointment dates and test results.
  • the ability to add your plans and preferences for birth.
  • greater security and privacy as only those with the correct login details are able to access your notes.
  • access to a full library of pregnancy patient information leaflets.
  • the ability to give feedback regarding your antenatal care and labour and birth experiences.

Once you have registered your pregnancy with us via the Maternity self-referral form, your midwife will provide you with a security phrase and record your contact details (including your mobile phone number and email address).

You can then login using the BadgerNotes app or BadgerNotes web portal.

After entering your email address and security phrase, you’ll be asked for a confirmation code. This will be texted to the mobile phone number you provided.

If using a tablet device, after entering your confirmation code you will need to set a PIN code.

You’ll then be ready to view your records.

For further information, you can watch a short film about how to use the BadgerNotes app

Prior to your first community midwife appointment, if possible, we’d like you to use the BadgerNotes app or BadgerNotes web portal to provide us with some background information. This will help us to carry out your appointment more efficiently, allowing more time for us to talk to you about your pregnancy.

To do this:

  • Login to BadgerNotes web portal and select ‘My personal care plan’
  • Click the link in the pre-booking section and enter as much information as you can. This will give the midwife more time to spend with you to answer any questions while at your appointment.

After your appointment, your notes will be available to view via BadgerNotes.

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