We encourage you to bring your partner, or relative or friend to support you in labour

Anaesthesia and pain relief

Anaesthesia for maternity at Watford General Hospital is led by Consultant anaesthetists with a specialist interest in Obstetric anaesthesia. They work closely with experienced anaesthetists in training. We have an anaesthetist resident on delivery suite at all times.

We provide:

  • Epidural pain relief for labour (24 hour service)
  • Anaesthesia for caesarean sections (planned and emergency), and for other operations that may be needed. This can be regional or general anaesthesia.

Information for you

We have created four videos and information leaflets which explain in detail the following:

Epidurals for pain relief in labour

Read our information leaflet

General anaesthetic (GA) for Caesarean Section

Read our information leaflet

Spinal anaesthetic for Caesarean section

Read our information leaflet

Pain relief after Caesarean Section

Read our information leaflet

How to get help

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