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West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust was formed on 1 April 2000 following the merger of St. Albans and Hemel Hempstead NHS Trust, and Mount Vernon and Watford NHS Trust.

The Trust covers three sites at St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Watford and employs approximately 4,000 staff who deliver a wide range of services to the people of West Hertfordshire and beyond.

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Organisational Structure

The Trust is managed overall by a Trust Board. The Board is made up of Non-Executive and Executive Directors. The Non-Executive Directors are drawn from the local community and are appointed by the Appointments Commission who select them following advertisements in the national press.

Generally, Non-Executive Directors are selected for their specific business skills that will support the development and delivery of services for the Trust. They are expected to bring a degree of individual and collective expert challenge to the management of the Trust and to provide an independent overview of the work of the Trust’s executive functions.

The Trust is an aspirant Foundation Trust and when it is authorised it will also have a Governing Council representing the views of the members of the Trust.

The second part of the Board is the Executive function. Boards must have a Chief Executive, Director of Finance, Director of Nursing, Medical Director, and one other, as voting members of the Executive Board. It may also appoint additional Board members to cover other functions but they will be non-voting members of the Board.

The duties of the Board include setting direction and strategy for the Trust, ensuring that the Trust has a sound basis for managing the work it does and for managing performance and patient safety; making certain that the Trust operates within sound rules of governance (covering legal, environmental (carbon reduction), financial and staff matters) and lastly ensuring that the Trust has a sound relationship with its staff and the community it serves.

In West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, and in line with both the requirements of the Intelligent Board and Monitor’s (Independent Regulator of Foundation Trusts) Compliance Framework, the Board structures its agenda to reflect those responsibilities. It sets out a work programme under each of those headings annually, so that anybody who wishes to come to the Board can know in advance at which meeting, various items are likely to be discussed.

For the latest organisation chart for the Trust, please click here.

Board Committees

The Trust Board is expected to have a number of formal committees to enable it to discharge its responsibilities for ensuring proper governance of the Trust. Committees reporting directly to the Trust Board include Remuneration, Audit, Finance, Charitable Funds and Risk Assurance .

Primary Care Trusts

The Primary Care Trusts commission services on behalf of their registered populations from providers of healthcare. West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust has five main local PCT purchasers. These are West Herts, East & North Herts, Brent & Harrow, Hillingdon and Luton & Dunstable. Together they account for 90% of the Trust’s income. The Trust works closely with them to improve the quality of existing services and when funding permits, develop new ones. Meetings are held at all levels between the Trust and its PCTs, ranging from Chief Executive forum down to individual clinicians and managers.

New Partners

During the last few years, new practice based commissioning groups (PBCs) have been established throughout the healthcare community. The establishment of the Clinical Conclave, a meeting between the Trust and the PBC leads, has provided an invaluable opportunity for clinicians from the acute and secondary sectors to work together on re-designing clinical pathways for patients in a number of specialities.

Partnership arrangements have been established with local authorities through the health reference groups associated with local strategic partnerships. This has and will help our public health agenda by linking this with the work being done within individual localities.

Senior staff and management board members

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust is the largest healthcare employer in Hertfordshire, currently employing around 4,000 staff.

The Executive Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Trust in accordance with the Board's policy, and in accordance with any national, statutory or other relevant guidance.

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust works in partnership with all other health organisations and local stakeholders, including the Primary Care Trusts, Hertfordshire County Council, local authorities, police probation and prison services. We are also fortunate to have the support of a number of local voluntary services.

Location and contact details for all public-facing departments

The Trust provides general acute hospital services for a population of approximately 500,000, from the local authority areas of Watford and Three Rivers, St Albans, Dacorum, and part of Hillingdon. Specialist services are provided for a population of 2 million, from across Thames Valley, North West London, and Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Health Authority areas. Our hospitals are located at Hemel Hempstead, St Albans and Watford.

Using the links above will take you to details for each hospital site, and provide local contact details for each of our Clinical Services. There are particular links above for those of you coming as an inpatient, outpatient or as a visitor.

We continue to work towards the many challenging goals set out in sector strategies, such as ‘Towards the Best Together’ and national strategies centred on delivering care closer to home. Last year we treated around 500,000 patients. See our Trust statistics for more information on patients treated, A&E attendances, GP referrals and other interesting information.

Reducing the time patients have to wait to see a specialist and, if needed, have an operation is a top priority, and we continue to reach important milestones in meeting waiting list targets.

NHS Midlands and East is responsible for overseeing and managing the health services of 15 million people from the borders of Wales across the Midlands to the coast of East Anglia.

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