Plan Your Route on Foot

Watford High Street Station to Watford General Hospital

This route runs from the town centre to the Hospital main reception and will take approximately 15 minutes. View a map of this route.

Start outside Watford High Street Railway Station in Lower High Street. With the station entrance behind you, turn left out of the station following the footpath around to the left

Continue along the path, keeping Exchange Road (the ring-road) to your right.

Keep walking along the path, down towards the underpasswebsite image. Do not go into the underpasswebsite image.

Continue straight ahead past the underpasswebsite image on your right.

Continue along the same path. The Girls' Grammar Schoolwebsite image is to your left. Be aware of the staggered barriers across the path.

After passing through the staggered barriers, carry on up the gentle slope again with the Girls' Grammar Schoolwebsite image on your left.

On the left, just after the school there is an alley way that leads to Wiggenhall Road. Take this alley way.

Turning into the alley, be aware of more staggered barriers.

Continue along the alley. At the end, you will come out onto Wiggenhall Road. Again, be aware of the staggered barriers at the end of the alley way.

Cross Wiggenhall Road at the pedestrian crossing.

After crossing Wiggenhall Road, turn right. The road now bends to the left to become Farraline Road. Be cautious of the narrow pavement.

Carry on up Farraline Road, crossing over St James Road, and turn left into Vicarage Road.

This route now joins the Vicarage road stretch of route 1. Click here to view the final part of the journey to Watford General hospital.

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