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Route 2 - Watford Junction Station to Watford Town Centre

This route runs from Watford Junction Station to Watford town centre takes approximately 15 minutes. This walk joins up with Route 1 which will take you from the town centre to the Watford General Hospital. View a  map of this route.

Leave the station and with the station behind you, go straight ahead, taking care at the busy taxi rank.

Picture of Watford Junction Station

With the station behind you, cross Woodford Road using the pedestrian crossing. Turn right, then left into Clarendon Road keeping the green glass fronted building to your left.

Picture of the zebra crossing over Woodford Road

Turning left into Clarendon Road, walk straight until you reach the junction on St John's Road. You'll walk past Shady Lane with the Police Stationwebsite image to your right.

Picture of Clarendon Road

At the cross roads with St John's Road use the pedestrian crossing to cross over Clarendon Road. Then, at the same crossing, cross over St John's Road and carry on straight along Clarendon Road.

Picture of pedestrian crossing over Clarendon Road and St John's Road

Carry on along Clarendon Road until you reach the major junction with Beechen Grove.

Picture of Clarendon Road before the junction with Beechen Grove

You'll need to cross Beechen Grove using either the underpasswebsite image to the right, or the pedestrian crossing at the junction.

Picture of the pedestrian crossing over Beechen Grove

Once you have crossed over Beechen Grove, carry on straight along the last part of Clarendon Road. Watford Palace Theatrewebsite image is on your left, as are bus stops.

Picture of the last part of Clarendon Road just before the junction with the High Street

You are now at the Watford Town Centre where this part of the walk joins up with Route 1 (Town Centre to Watford General Hospital). In front of you is the junction of the High Street. The Halifax Building Society is to your left (other financial establishments are available).

Picture of the junction of Clarendon Road and the High Street

To carry on to the Hospital, please use  Route 1: Watford Town Centre to Watford General Hospital

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