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Board Meetings

July 5, 2007: Civic Offices, Hertsmere Borough Council - 2.00pm


Minutes of Previous Meeting
Minutes of Previous Meeting held on June 7th, 2007

Assurance Framework
Assurance Framework
Assurance Framework - Agenda Item

Audit Opinion and SIC
Audit Opinion and SIC
Trust Board Report on Signing of Accounts
Board Cover Sheets - Annual Accounts

Month 2 Finance Report - May 2007
Board Cover Sheet - Finance Report
Month 2 Finance Report Appendices (This is an excel spreadsheet it is only available on request)
Finance Director's Report - Month 2 May 2007

Performance Report
Board Cover Sheet - Performance
Performance Report to May 2007
Including Performance Scorecard Report

Health and Safety
Health and Safety Board Cover Sheet
Response to Health & Safety Executive Inspection Report issued May 2007

Infection Control
Infection Control Paper
Management of Infection Control - An Overview

Standards for Better Health
Standards for Better Health Agenda Item

Inpatient Survey
Trust Board Agenda Item - National Inpatient Survey Results - 2006/07
National Inpatient Survey Chart
National Inpatient Survey Action Plan

Finance and Planning Committee
Sub Committee Summary Report - Finance and Planning Committee

Audit Committee
Sub Committee Summary Report - Audit Committee

Assurance Committee
Sub Committee Summary Report - Assurance Committee

Approval for use of the Trust Seal
Approval for use of the Trust Seal

Other Meetings in 2007
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