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Developing our Organisation


Picture of our valuesEach of our values has some suggested behaviours associated with it to help our staff, as well as volunteers and contractors, know how to incorporate the new values into their daily jobs and to help our patients, as well as their families and friends, know what they can expect from staff when they visit our hospitals.

We have six values

They are:

We involve others: in all that we do our patients, their families and carers are involved and their voices are clear and influential

We are all leaders: we value our teams and we value each other, investment is made in all of us because, in our own way, we are all talented and we all lead

We are proud: we are proud of our hospitals and ambitious when it comes to the quality of our services and calibre of staff we employ

We work in partnership: we work together as part of a bigger team with people within and outside our hospitals to join things up for individual patients and the wider community

We are transparent: it’s safe to admit mistakes and speak out when things don’t seem right, this helps us learn and improve

We add value: through being innovative and spending our time on the things that matter we each add value and continuously look to improve what we do.

The Behaviours

Our staff and patients have agreed a list of specific behaviours which will help us to incorporate our values in our day to day roles. Here are some examples:


To Involve we put our patients in the driving seat by:

  • Constantly checking in with them and their families to make sure they are informed and feel in control
  • Noticing body language and other subtle signs that a patient isn’t happy and talking to them about it
  • Being interested in all aspects of their medical history so they can feel confident we are adapting care just for them.


To show Partnership we work together as a team by:

  • Getting to know the other people who care for our patients, inside and outside the Trust
  • Being willing to get involved in things which are not part of our own roles
  • Managers being visible and available to their teams and our patients
  • Resolving conflict between colleagues by bringing them together and talking openly.


To be Leaders we maximise our own capability and our colleagues’ by:

  • Being clear about the standard of
    performance required from ourselves and each other
  • Valuing the different professional
    backgrounds and personalities of all of our colleagues
  • Giving positive feedback, praise and encouragement to each other
  • Valuing and preparing for one to ones and the appraisal process. Does this work


To be Transparent we are open and honest with our patients and learn from our mistakes by:

  • Sharing mistakes with patients and colleagues and acting quickly to learn and make changes
  • Not being afraid to challenge others in a supportive way if something isn’t right
  • Praising colleagues for sharing mistakes and allowing others to learn from them
  • Working together with patients, e.g., asking them to contribute when writing up notes.


To be Proud we work towards higher standards by:

  • Caring about detail, double checking things are being done correctly
  • Making sure deadlines are met and patients get what they need, when they need it
  • Being positive about our colleagues and our hospitals to others
  • Spotting areas for improvement and acting


To add Value we are innovative about improving and becoming more efficient by:

  • Coming up with ideas to improve the way things work
  • Always being aware of how everyone’s actions can affect resources
  • Keeping bureaucracy to a minimum to make sure the maximum
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