Pre-operative Assessment

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What is Pre Operative Assessment?

All patients admitted for elective surgery undergo some form of preparation prior to admission. 

Local Anaesthetic

Patients who are expecting to have procedures under Local Anaesthetic need only have swabs from the nose and groin in order to check their MRSA status (Multi resistant Staphlococcus Aureus). Where possible this will be completed in the pre-operative kiosk in the outpatient department at the time of consultation, but patients may be asked to attend the pre-operative assessment department.

General Anaesthetic

Patients having a General Anaesthetic will require a more detailed health check prior to admission. An appointment will be made by the pre-operative assessment receptionist in the Outpatient department.

It is important that this appointment be soon after the Outpatient visit so that medical health can be checked, observations and investigations concluded to enable the patient to be placed on the operating list most appropriate to the needs of the individual.

Sites for Appointments

Appointments are available at St Albans City Hospital and Watford General Hospital.

If an appointment is required at a different site to that of the outpatient visit then at least 24 hours must lapse between the two appointments to allow for the notes to arrive in the POA department.

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