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Clinical Support


The Pharmacy department is integrated across the three Trust sites providing services to all specialties and departments.

The Chief Pharmacist leads all aspects of the service. The Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Clinical is responsible for re-engineering clinical practice, formulary, medicines information, medicines governance and education. The Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Operations is responsible for procurement, distribution, pharmacy computer system and technical services. The Operations Manager at Watford is responsible for dispensary services at the busy acute site.

Hemel Hempstead Hospital

The department at Hemel Hempstead was opened in 1999 providing pharmaceutical support to all the services based on this site, namely outpatients, Urgent Care Centre and wards. It's situated in the Jubilee Wing.

St Albans City Hospital

This department deals primarily with elective surgery, outpatients and off site establishments managed by the Primary Care Trust or HPFT.

Watford General Hospital

The Watford department provides support to all the various activities carried out at this acute site including support to services managed by HPFT. This is the busiest of the three site pharmacies a consequence of the trust acute service reconfiguration. The Trustís technical services unit, medicines procurement and distribution are also provided from this site.

The robotic dispensing system at Watford General Hospital pharmacy went live in February 2009 when the Pharmacy Department moved into the Acute Admissions Unit.

Robotics can reduce medication errors, increase dispensary throughput and reduce turnaround times in addition to optimising the use of space in the department. These benefits have been found locally and the introduction has supported the re-engineering of the pharmacy service developing ward based medicines management services and decentralising the clinical pharmacy service.

Contact Details are as follows:
Name Title Contact
Martin Keble Chief Pharmacist 01923 217733
Sue Schechter Pharmacy Operations Manager 01923 218295
Lindsay Smith Deputy Chief Pharmacist 01923 217733

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