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Performance in Initiating and Delivering Clinical Research

The Government wishes to see a dramatic and sustained improvement in the performance of providers of NHS services in initiating and delivering clinical research. The aim is to increase the number of patients who have the opportunity to participate in research and to enhance the nation’s attractiveness as a host for research.

The Government’s plan for Growth announced the transformation of incentives for efficiency in initiation and delivery of research, the Department of Health is now seeking to achieve the transparency commitment for this exercise.

The West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust has been working under one or more NIHR contracts for clinical research and has been submitting information as contractually required on Performance in Initiating and Performance in Delivering Clinical Research. Below is information regarding the 70 day benchmark and recruitment to time and target for commercial contract clinical trials.

Performance in Initiating Clinical Research

For clinical trials with HRA approval where our site was selected in the twelve months prior to end of June 2018.

Trials that were subject to HRA approval

This data is available in this spreadsheet

Performance in Delivering Clinical Research

For commercial contract clinical trials hosted by West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust:

Trial data

This data is available in this spreadsheet