More about Voluntary Services

Voluntary Services


Look at some of our volunteer roles that you could support as a volunteer:

A&E and AAU Volunteer

Supporting patients and visitors e.g. wayfinding, companionship, communications etc. Supporting staff with admin, organisation, telephone calls etc.

Admin & Clerical Assistant

Supporting administrators and secretaries with non-confidential office tasks (e.g. filing, photocopying, answering phone calls, data entry)

Adults’ Carer Support Volunteer

Support carers of adult patients throughout the hospitals by helping them get an occasional break and keeping the patients company, helping carers better understand the support services available to them.

Carer Support Team

Help carers to get an occasional break and better understand the support services available to them. Please note: this role requires a 12 month minimum commitment. 

Children’s Carer Support Volunteer

Support families and carers of children in the Children’s Starfish Ward, the Children’s A&E and in the Special Care Baby Unit. Help carers get an occasional break and better understand the support services available to them.

Discharge Assistant

Support patients and staff in the discharge lounge to assist with the smooth discharge process including: providing patients with companionship, activities, drinks and providing staff with occasional admin tasks (filing, transferring paperwork, answering the phone, etc.).

Hospital Radio

Ward visiting, assisting with request programmes, outside events, fundraising and radio presenting. Please note: this role requires a commitment to work a minimum of 2 hours per week.

Level 2

Assisting with feeding patients who need support (specialist training is provided to volunteers wishing to do this)

League of Friends

Operating for the benefit of patients, staff and relatives by housing two food and drink outlets in Watford General Hospital.

Language & Communication Assistant

Supporting speakers of other languages with everyday communication and companionship throughout the hospitals. May involve your details being kept as public record.

MacMillan Cancer Support

Providing support and health information to patients, families and friends of patients with cancer.

RVS Shop Assistants

Willing, co operative and happy to serve the public.  Full training given for both the trolley service and shop

Mealtime/Dining Companion Volunteer – Level 1

Assisting with setting up meals and cleaning surfaces before mealtimes as well as encouraging the patients to eat and keeping them company.

Meeter and Greeter

Supporting the hospitals’ main reception areas. This may include the three main reception over the three sites, as well as busy reception areas on wards who need extra support

PAT Dogs

‘Pets as Therapy’ registered volunteers bring their own trained pets, to bring joy, comfort and companionship to many individuals who appreciate being able to touch and stroke a friendly animal.

Patients' Panel

A small group of locals, devoted to bringing a patient's point of view into improving what the Trust does.

The Rose Project

Provide companionship to palliative patients and their families. This services requires specialist bereavement training, which the Trust provides.

Service Mystery Shopper

An opportunity to observe staff practice and report back.

Spiritual & Pastoral Care Visitor

Supporting patients, visitors and staff of all faiths providing comfort, companionship and a listening ear during times of difficulty.

Ward Visitor

Befriending and providing companionship to patients. Please note you will be assigned to a ward of your choice to carry out this role

Wayfinding Volunteer

Placed in busy areas to help lost, confused and anxious patients/visitors to find their destination