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We’re going live with our new electronic patient record (EPR)

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This page tells you about some important changes we are making to the way we manage and handle our patient records and many of the systems which hold and relate to your health data.

We are moving away from paper records to an electronic patient record (EPR). This means that our staff caring for you can always access the information they need so you get the best possible care.

This change has been planned for a long time and our staff have been trained; however, the move from one system to another may mean that things will take a little longer whilst we get used to the EPR.

Your patience during this time would be very much appreciated.

Picture of two white female nurses at a 'Ward on wheels' machineWhat is electronic patient record (EPR)?

EPR is a single electronic patient record which will replace the majority of our paper medical records. This will mean that our clinical teams will have instant access to the data they need to care for you.

There are many benefits to moving to our EPR

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