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Surgical Appliances

Appointment Guidelines

Referrals and appointments to the Surgical Appliance Department can be made in the following way:

New Patient Referrals

New patients referrals are accepted from the following sources:

  • Hospital consultant or specialist team
  • GPs

The Surgical Appliance department will then make an appointment to see an Orthotist who will assess the patient to ensure that requirements are met. Depending on the condition and type of treatment required it might be necessary for the patient to see the Orthotist a number of times.

If a patient requires items such as a wrist brace, hosiery or prosthesis an appointment may be made to see a Surgical Appliance Officer.

Re-referrals or Return Patients

Re-referral or return patients will be offered an appointment providing:

  • They have been seen by an Orthotist / Appliance Officer within the previous six months.
  • They are undergoing continuing care with a Trust consultant.

If the patient does not meet the criteria above then they must be re-referred via the route for new patients.

All patients, having received an appliance, should be reviewed by their consultant to asses the effectiveness of the treatment.


A DNA is a patient who 'does not attend' their appointment. Patients who do not attend will be treated as follows:

  • A new patient who does not attend their appointment will be discharged. A letter will be sent to the referring consultant/GP informing them of this.
  • A follow up patient with two consecutive DNAs without explanation will be discharged and not offered a new appointment. A letter will be sent to the referring consultant/GP informing them of this.

If the patient does require an appointment to be made they will have to follow the new patient referral process.

Sharing of Patient Information

Following your Orthotic appointment it may be necessary for you to wear an appliance. The Trust uses a number of suppliers and manufacturers to either make, adapt or to supply the appropriate appliance for your condition. This involves the sharing of certain patient information between the Trust and manufacturers/suppliers who may be based in a country outside the EEA.

By continuing with your treatment the Trust presumes you consent for the sharing of information. If you have any queries about this please speak to the relevant site Appliance Office.

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