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The survey, which covers 157 NHS hospitals (including 144 Accident and Emergency units), allows hospital managers, nurses, doctors and other staff to gain real time feedback about the service they offer and helps patients to make an informed choice about where to be treated.

The Friends and Family Test is based on one simple question: ‘How likely are you to recommend our ward/A&E department to your friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?’ Patients are presented with six responses ranging from ‘extremely likely’ through to ‘extremely unlikely’.

Based on the response received, hospitals and Accident and Emergency units are given a special score which allows them to track their performance on a month-by-month basis and against a national result.

The scores are calculated by analysing responses and categorising them into promoters, detractors and neutral responses. The proportion of responses that are promoters and the proportion that are detractors are calculated and the proportion of detractors is then subtracted from the proportion of promoters to provide an overall ‘net promoter’ score. The scores range between +100 and -100.

Friends and Family Feedback from surveys collected during February 2014 was recently published (3 April 2014). Below are the results from West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust:

  Total Reponses Response Rate % Net Promoter Score (NPS) National Average Response Rate National Average NPS
Inpatient 526 23.6 72 34 72
Accident and Emergency 91 3.4 59 18.6 55
Combined 617 12.6 70 23.8 64

The results from February showed that 587 or 95% of our patients were either extremely likely or likely to recommend West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust to friends and family compared to 15 (2.4%) who were unlikely or extremely unlikely to do so.

The Friends and Family Test was launched in our maternity services in October 2013. The survey scores will be published shortly.

Public and patients can find easily searchable data for the Friends and Family Test on the national NHS Choices website: www.nhs.uk

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