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The Care Quality Commission

A New System of Registration with the Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and adult social care services in England. From April 2010, the Care Quality Commission has licensed NHS hospitals to provide treatment, care and support, which meet essential standards.

By law, NHS hospitals now have a responsibility to ensure that the treatment, care and support they provide meets essential standards of quality and safety which protect your safety and respect your dignity and rights. This new system is focused on outcomes rather than systems and processes and places the views and experiences of people who use services at its centre encouraging ongoing improvements by those who provide or commission care.

The CQC will continuously monitor compliance with essential standards as part of a new, more dynamic, responsive and robust system of regulation. Their assessors and inspectors will frequently review all available information and intelligence they hold about a provider furthermore they will seek information from patients and public representative groups and from organisations including other regulators and the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA).

If the CQC have concerns over a provider not meeting the essential standards of quality and safety, they will act quickly, working closely with commissioners and others, using their new enforcement powers if necessary.

Providers are required to register all their regulated activities that they provide; West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust has registered its regulated activities as documented in the CQC West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust Certification of Registration and Statement of Purpose.

The Trust is registered with the CQC with no conditions; this means that the Trust has no restrictions or limitations in relation to the service we provide.

The Essential Standards of Quality and Safety

Summarised below are the 28 essential standards of quality and safety outcomes, grouped into six key areas (in bold), each reflecting a specific regulation. Some regulations may apply differently to various types of providers depending on their service provision.

Involvement and Information
Personalised Care, Treatment and Support
Safeguarding and Safety
Suitability of Staffing
Quality and Management
Suitability of Management
Compliance Monitoring

The Trust has an ongoing process for monitoring and reviewing its service provision against the essential standards of quality and safety outcomes. For each outcome the Trust has identified an executive lead and outcome co-ordinator and key committees of the Trust monitor compliance with requirements. Where there are concerns about compliance, a risk assessment is undertaken and a timed action plan is developed. A quarterly report is drawn together which provides assurance about compliance and provides the detail of actions taken to address any issues arising from gaps in compliance. This report is reviewed at the Trust’s Board, Clinical Quality Committee and presented to the Audit Committee.

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