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September 2015

Winner: Nata Ogoola, Midwife, Delivery Suite

Nominated by: Kay, a patient

Picture of Nata Ogoola receiving her awardNomination: Upon having 3 midwives from different shifts we came across Nata, our final midwife. She was like a ray of sunshine the moment she walked into our room. She instantly put me and my wife at ease, explaining everything in detail about what was happening, praised my wife continuously with her progress and was genuinely compassionate and interested in us and what was happening.

Being of an extremely inquisitive manner, I asked lots of questions and if there was something Nata didn't know she would say I'm not sure, but wouldn't forget the question and ask somebody later.

Our delivery was eased by the encouragement from Nata and her enthusiasm was enough to deliver the baby itself! When our little man was born she took me through steps of how to care for him from the minor points that you wouldn't think of asking up to seeing signs of what he's looking for etc.

We walked into that delivery suite very scared and nervous, but by the time we left it felt as if we'd known Nata for ages and it was that easy and natural around her it was like having a coffee with a friend you haven't seen for a while.

This woman deserves recognition as for us even 2 days later we can't stop talking about how fantastic she was!!

Staff training can give you all the qualifications in the world but what it can't do is define a personality, that is something that Nata has and I think she is a fantastic asset to yourselves. I think too many people see the negatives with the NHS but seldom praise the positives. For that I hope this goes toward giving Nata some sort of recognition for the fantastic job she is doing and I've no doubt she will continue to do.

I hope we have her deliver our next bundles of joy!

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