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Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

September 2014

Winner: Dawn Moore, Ward Sister AAU Level 3

Nominated by: 11 Members of staff

Picture of Dawn Moore receiving her award

Nomination: "I would like to nominated Dawn because she goes the extra mile for her staff and her patients on a daily basis.  She is always on hand to talk to if not on the ward on the end of the phone.

"She is very understanding of the pressures her staff are under both profesionally [sic] and personally, while under so much pressure herself."

Nomination: "I would like to nominate Dawn because she is always going above and beyond for her staff and patient, she is both understanding of the pressure her staff and patients are under both proffesionally [sic] and personally and trys [sic] to accommodate there needs accordingly while dealing with the pressure herself.

"She is an asset to the ward/ staff and patients every ward needs someone like Dawn who is approchable [sic] and understanding."

Nomination: "She is always available to support her team."

Nomination: "Very caring of the staff and supporter."

Nomination: "She is responsible for the Staff as well as the patients."

Nomination: "She is very caring and do not hesitate to support her staff."

Nomination: "She cares about the patients, the staff and maintains a good enviromment [sic] in the ward."

Nomination: "She is always looking after the staff, trying to help them when they are in need."

Nomination: "She is clear when she has to give bad or good news, always trying to keep a good enviromment [sic] in the ward."

Nomination: "She is a caring manager, looking after the staff and the patients equally, very supporting".

Nomination: "She's always there to give support and advice even through the hard times.

"She's very caring and supportive."


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