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Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

May 2016

Winner: Karen Bowler, Senior Nurse for Education, Corporate Nursing, Watford

Nominated by: Rachael Corser, Staff

Picture of Karen Bowler receiving her awardNomination: Karen was appointed into the above new role in December 2015. As part of her role, Karen was asked to take a lead on ensuring that all the Trust nurses and midwives were ready for the implementation of Revalidation from April 2016. This required a significant investment of her own time in order to meet these changes to the way nurses and midwives register and it was going to be quite a challenge to meet these requirements within the time frame set out.

Karen coordinated the meeting of the working group responsible for overseeing the implementation of Revalidation and worked tirelessly to keep working group members on track with their key actions and responsibilities. Karen ensured that new policies were written, websites were updated and all the necessary documentation was made easily available to those who needed it. She set up master-classes for staff, managers and confirmers.

Karen took it upon herself to quickly learn the finer details of Revalidation and ensured that she was fully equipped with all she needed in order to support and encourage our own nurses and midwives to revalidate. I have heard nurses say that they were apprehensive and fearful of the new process and it was only through Karen helping and supporting that they were able to complete the process for Revalidation. Karen has gone the extra mile to support our nurses and midwives who were due to Revalidate in April as the first cohort and has made sure she has met with the key individuals concerned, coming in early, staying late and doing whatever is necessary to support the staff.

Every nurse and midwife who was due to Revalidate in April did, and that was thanks to Karen. We are also on track to ensure we have the same level of success for those who are due to Revalidate in May. Revalidation is a new system put in place by the NMC in response to one of the recommendations made following the failings at Mid Staffordshire Hospitals. Karen has risen above what was a significant challenge and has enabled West Herts to demonstrate, with confidence, that our nurses and midwives have the evidence that confirms to us as employers, and to our patients and the public, that our nurses and midwives are fit to practice against the key standards set out within the Code of Conduct. I therefore believe that Karen has gone the extra mile these last few months and her efforts can been seen by the initial success of implementing the new system for nursing and midwifery revalidation.

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